Fire Damage Photo Gallery

man on a machine cleaning the black ceilings

Heavy Smoke Damage Cleanup

This industrial space suffered heavy smoke damage due to an sudden electrical malfunction in some wiring. We were recommended by the insurance adjuster handling the claim to assist the landlord and tenant with the cleaning of the entire 20,000 square foot facility. In this photograph, our technician is cleaning a section of the ceiling using SERVPRO's unique blend of proprietary chemicals. A scissor lift is used for safety of our workers to prevent injury from falls. Also, we have placed a hydroxyl machine and a negative air machine which both help in the deodorization and cleanup of char and ash particles. SERVPRO of Northridge and Granada Hills has extensive experience in commercial fire cleanup. 

female holding a cleaning devince onto ceiling

House Fire Cleanup

Here our fire cleaning technician is vacuuming the walls and ceilings that have been affected by smoke due to a house fire. Most wall surfaces are porous in nature. Char, ash, and soot are composed of very fine particles that if left without cleaning, can cause lingering stains and odors in a structure. After we vacuum the ceilings and walls, we use a wet cleaning method consisting of a special blend of a cleaning and deodorizing solution. When you are in need of cleanup after a fire or from smoke damage, call or office.  

man wearing a white suit cleaning fire damaged walls

Charred Drywall Removal

Our technician is starting to do the cleanup after this studio room suffered a fire. The first step will be to remove all of the charred drywall, and then we go in and clean the walls studs and subfloor. If necessary we seal the framing with a special odor blocker on severe fire damage. 

male wearing black shirt cleaning walls with a machine

Cleanup After a Fire

Our fire cleaning technician is meticulously cleaning every square inch of this dwelling using our advanced fire restoration methods. A typical sized home can take a crew of our technicians several days to clean which assures that no char and ash particles are left behind.